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Kite World Adventure - Kitesurf Mexico - Maya adventure

Maya Adventure

Along the Yucatan coast
Trough the best
and exclusive locations.
With special tour untouched islands

Kitesurfing trip to Mexico in a paradisiacal setting!this is a really special trip where it joins the desire for travel with the passion for the sport, immersed in a fascinating country renowned for its colors and its culture, in a succession of incredible views. Both sea andoutputs kitesurfing in the most beautiful beaches of the Yucatan...... and plenty of space for relaxation for those who do not kite.



This tour in Quintana Roo, one of the 51 states of Mexico and exactly in the Yucatan Peninsula, provides forthe discovery of the coast to reach its kite spots, which are both on the Riviera Maya on the north coast of the Yucatan. Driving along even strips of sand in the car and we will continue to achieve in kite downwind incredible secret spot with flat water or wave to satisfy the tastes of all( We will commence our journey by car, driving along even strips of sand after which we will kite downwind in order to reach an incredible secret location with waters to cater for all.)
A tour 360 in addition to providing much kite spot discovering wild and off the beaten track, will allow us to discover the Yucatan, with its many cultural points of interest as well as landscaping, not to mention the nightlife of the typical bars of a warm climate and the Caribbean.our tour we will reach an island not far from the coast, much less traveled than other islands, but particularly fascinating, where you should not expect to see any motorized vehicles... but only a lot of sand!
island is a paradise with sandy streets and colorful houses in Caribbean style. On this island there will be excursions by boat to reach the wildest and most isolated spot with endless beaches and seashells of every shape and color.Later we will continue our journey into the interior of the country to discover the fascinating Mayan ruins with the ancient Maya ceremonial centers, places where you feel immersed in the jungle, hearing the distant calls of howler monkeys ...
We will visit Chichen Itza with the imposing pyramid of El Castillo, where every year, on the occasion of the equinox, the sun's rays cast a shadow of Kukulkan (the plumed serpent) on the north staircase of the pyramid.We will kitesurf on the white beaches of the Riviera Maya and the more experienced will downwind descend to surf in front of the ruins of Tulum overlooking the cliff, where the iguanas bask in the sun on the cobalt sea.Do not miss a stop to visit the cenotes, caves with beautiful lakes on the bottom, where the most daring can go swimming and even diving.
And do not forget the modern city of Cancun, the queen of holidays in the tropics, which is worth a short stop and is certainly not devoid of charm, with its bars and nightlife.In the evening, the weather is warm and it will be a pleasure to wear only a t-shirt to walk around and discover the many friendly local restaurants where to taste something typical! In fact, the Mexican cuisine is known for its intense and varied flavors, as well as for its spicy vegetable and chicken dishes while the marine products are prepared in a manner called "Veracruz style" ... and for the more daring, there are also more exotic dishes, cooked in the Aztec or Mayan style, with rather unusual ingredients such as iguanas and rattlesnakes.

But ... we’ll leave a little 'space to the imagination ... the journey starts here, this itinerary offers a lot ... let's find out together.



Itinerary : dynamic
Accommodation: pousadas, kite village, kite houses
Transportation: privat Van
Wind season: from December to August



Dry season: April to October
Wet season: December to April

Passport: necessary, must be valid at least six months beyond date of arrival in Mexico.

visa: necessary
Vaccinations: not necessary












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