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Maya Adventure

Along the Yucatan coast
Trough the best
and exclusive locations.
With special tour untouched islands
and lagoons

work in progress

working in progress for a new route in Mexico




Join us for an esclusive
kitesurf travel to Mexico.

exciting travel routes
for kitesurfing to reach wonderful spot in Mexico. With unexplored beaches and combining interesting visits Mayan ruins and cenotes to get a unique and special travel.

Mexico is a beautiful destination for kitesurfing, with the wind blowing during the winter season, beautiful beaches lapped by deep green color, friendly people, beautiful places, magnificent Mayan ruins and fascinating cenotes.
in Mexico is exciting and kitesurfing is a great motivation to visit it in a dynamic and sporty way. There are a lot itinerary routes and we, on board our cars and boats, will travel along alternative routes to get to places and discover the most charming spots of paradise travelling in this country as travelers, not simple tourists.Mexico is a beautiful country full of colors, with people always smiling, with her soft language and South American music that bring joy to everyday life .
Mexico is a fascinating land with its deep history of the Maya civilization whose ruins are witness. A trip to Mexico offers a great deal, culture, landscapes, forests, beaches, islands. will travel in the most interesting itineraries to enjoy the most beautiful places of this country; visit its wonderful ruins, not to be missed touristic sites, penetrating into the history of the Mayan people, and observing these monuments with our dynamic spirit. Its fascinating forests hide, even today; buried cities of the Mayan world that still contain mysteries and treasures of art.
In the colorful village, life flows gently, without haste, while in the city breathes today's civilization while retaining flavors and rhythms of times gone by

From the fascinating Mayan ruins, surrounded by forests, we pass to the white sand beaches which differ from one coast to the other. The cobalt blue waters, blend with with the sky, making the landscapes of Mexico among the most 'beautiful and enchanting world. The white sand graduates to green and then to blue water and blurs with the deep blue of the sky. Local crafts are extremely colorful. The inhabitants work deftly masks representing their ancient customs with brilliant designs and weave blankets with infinite colors
The bars and restaurants are rustic and cozy, you can 'enjoy a refreshing beer while listening to good music or drink tequila,an alcoholic beverage most famous in Mexico, and enjoy Mexican cuisine which is characterized by intense and varied flavors. The main dishes and the most famous are the tacos, barbacoa, salsa guacamole and tortillas

Our trips in Mexico are always led by a guide and a kitesurfing instructor, who will travel with you and turn the group into a close tight-knit team.

To discover the most authentic aspects of Mexico, reaching the best locations for kitesurfing in the most beautiful places










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